How to Choose a Good Whole House Water Filter

Water contains contaminants that threaten our health. It is thus necessary that you filter water for personal use. There are numerous companies providing water filtration solutions; giving you numerous water filters to choose from. To get the best whole house water filter, consider these tips.

You should analyze your supply. The first thing you need to do is to find out the types and quantity of contaminants in your water supply. In case your water originates from a private source such as a private supplier or river, there is a list of cheap water testing tools with which you can get accurate results. You can also consider having a water specialist from the FilterSmart company doing the job for you. If your water comes from a public source, you can ask for a water quality index report. The reports will be helpful in you understanding the type of filtration needed.

Consider your faucets and dispensers’ flow rate. Buying water filters without looking at the flow rate of your faucet can lead to pressure variation. If the hose has a flow rate that is lower than the water filters, the hose can burst or leak. If the hose and faucets’ flow rate exceeds that of the water filter, there will be a low flow of water hence causing frequent chocking because of air filling. The difference in flow rates of water filters and faucets also affects how the filter cartridges function hence lowering their lifespan.

Be keen on the purpose of filtration. Whole house filters are very powerful devices. They come in large differences in flow rates and sizes to provide users with the best solutions ranging from small personal use to huge commercial industries. In case you have a storage tank, you can get the correct size of your entire house water filter. However, if you depend on the direct water supply only, the size of the filters are determined by your daily water usage. Checking the water meter can help you know how much water you use daily. You can learn more about water filters here:

Always look for options. There are numerous whole house filters in the market going at competitive rates. It is thus beneficial to look at the price and specifications of various companies so that you get the most suitable deal.

Consider seller and manufacturer credibility. Good sellers and manufacturers offer free of cost installation, service, and shipping. Consider the free service and warranty period. The seller should install it rest you void the warranty policy by installing it on your own. Whole house filters work suitably with polypropylene cartridges but not all manufacturers can avail FDA approved cartridges. For more information, click on this link:

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